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Rhode Island

The State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations (commonly known as Rhode Island) is geographically the smallest state in the United States, and the state with the longest official name. Rhode (pronounced "Road") Island is part of the New England region, and was one of the thirteen original American colonies that declared independence against British rule to begin the American Revolution.

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Corner Cafe USA 11-10-2018 11-10-2018 14
Delicious USA 01-10-2018 01-10-2018 13
Feeding the Soul USA 29-09-2018 29-09-2018 9
Great experience USA 29-09-2018 29-09-2018 6
Great Prime Rib USA 29-09-2018 29-09-2018 5
Great Value USA 29-09-2018 29-09-2018 8
Hidden Gem USA 01-10-2018 01-10-2018 12
Never Again! USA 30-09-2018 30-09-2018 11
Tough but Tasty USA 30-09-2018 30-09-2018 10
Very Informative but a little disappointing USA 29-09-2018 29-09-2018 7

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