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Build Your Hometown

Hometown USA is dedicated to accurately portraying each and every community in The United States. But because it would be impossible, due to the time and money, for our staff to travel to each Hometown, we need your help. Below are listed several methods of how you can help us build and support your Hometown's Online Community. Please read through each of the following and choose the method(s) that are right for you.

Classified Ads - Do you have a stereo for sale, looking for a better job or looking to buy that dream car? The classified ad system is nationwide but broken down by states for you to post your personal noncommercial classified ads. The only business ads that we currently allow on the system are employment ads. Check out our photo ads.

Community Calendar - Our online community calendars are available to promote your events, whatever type they may be for FREE! You can use them to promote community activities such as parades or church suppers, tell customers about a fantastic sale that is coming up or when your team has that big game on homecoming weekend. The calendars are open for posting of events by all, just use your back button or go to your Hometown's page and go to your Hometown's Community Calendar where you will see instructions for posting an event.

Community Forums - The forums have taken the place of our previous sections named "About My Town" and "Questions". They are an interactive Message Board System that allows visitors to post questions about a community and to foster discussions about a community. We encourage you to tell us about your hometown on these forums and help us answer visitors' questions and/or concerns on them. So click on this link and become a registered member of our Community's Forum: Hometown Forums

Photographs - To help dress up the pages a little, we need one high quality photo of a typical scene in your hometown. It can be of the "Welcome Sign" as you come into town, main street, a historical building, a beautiful sunset or anything that tells what your town is all about. If you have such a photo that you would like to share with us, please go to this page to find out how to send it.

Suggestion Box - Do you have an idea on how we can improve our pages or foster more community participation in the building of the sites? Please let us know by dropping us an e-mail.

Partnering - We are always eager to discuss possible partnering ideas with you. If you have an idea on how we can enhance our online presence, further build our communities and make it worthwhile to both of us, drop us a note explaining what your ideas are.

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