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Whom did President Lincoln call "the little lady who started the big war"? Find the Answer

Which calligraphic artist also played string bass with the Bangor Symphony Orchestra in 1996? Find the Answer

What airport is closest to the state's best freshwater fishing? Find the Answer

The hallway walls of what 1813 Bethel home still display their original Rufus Porter murals? Find the Answer

What Maine town was founded by William W. Thomas of Portland in 1870? Find the Answer

How did Dexter, Maine, get its name? Find the Answer

What, and Where, is Peter Dana Point? Find the Answer

Who set the distance record for dogsledding by covering twenty-three hundred miles from Fairbanks, Alaska, to Lewiston between November 1950 and April 1951? Find the Answer

Who wrote "The Beans of Egypt, Maine"? Find the Answer

Where is the last active Shaker community in the nation? Find the Answer

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