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I attended Grade school in Comanche, Oklahoma about 1941- I remember a teacher by the name of Mrs. Cannon, Her first name may have been Mabel. I was in the second grade. My friends were Beverly Patty, her grandfather owned a grocery store. ( I am still in touch with her she lives in Texas) and Francine Grimes-Her parents owned I think a Ford dealership-station, garage and etc at the west end of main street. My grandparents were Samuel Lewis Strange and Samantha Gaybrowl (Nixon)Strange. They lived about two blocks south of main street, I have been told there is a chruch where their house used to be. I remember across the street from my grandparents her friends name was a Mrs. Jones. ( They had all lived there a long time) My grandparents went to Comanche sometime about 1935-36 from Lubbock, Texas. In about 1800 my Greatgrandparents sailed from Germany (orginally residents of Wurtzburg, Germany for the USA. They did not get off the ship in NY but continued on to New Orleans where that joined a wagon train waiting for them of 21 wagons pulled by mules. They went to LaCab county Alabama, where they stayed for two years and went on to Texas. On the trip from New Orleans to Alabama my Grandparents met each other and were married. My Great Grandfather had been a physcian in Germany but spoke no English so could not practice in the USA. They bought a farm in Lubbock and ended up farming and doing vetenarian work on the animals of farms around Lubbock. My greatgrandparents never learned to speak English.

My G-father leased land from Gene Massey ( of Massey Hardware Store) and farmed in Texas and Comanche. When they were about 60 they sold place in Tx. retired and moved to Comanche. During WW2 my father Bert W. Strange went to Washington State to work building a shipyard. My mother and us kids stayed in Comanche. She had never worked before but did get a job at a place next to Massey's making venetion blinds, I remember after school walking down there to see her and the women. It looked like Rosie the Rivetor..My father returned to Comanche and soon after we moved to Bakersfield, Ca. He was general foreman at now called Edwards Air Force Base. After WW2 we moved to a small town in Arizona called Casa Grande, Az. There was no good housing available-Adobe houses. My father Bert W. Strange started building row after row of block & brick houses selling them to returning soldiers & families he ended up building in all surrounding towns in that valley.. Many custom homes for business owners, downtown Banks, resturants and ect. I graduated from Casa Grande High School in 1952. Attended College at TCU in Ft. Worth and became a CPA. My family sold out in Arizona in 1958 and bought a Quarter Horse Ranch in Shawnee, Ok. The Cemetary North of Comanche is where my Grandparents are buried. They lived to be 95 years each. I remember visiting them from Ca. & Az. during the war years and my grandfather would walk to the post office everytime a train came in to see if they received any mail from their other children who lived all over the country. They were very religious and very strict. (that German strictness) I now live in Phoenix, Az. These are my memories of Comanche, Oh yes, one last one. I attended the funeral of World Champion Cowboy Clyde Burk with my family as a child.. It is still the largest most elaborate funeral I have ever attended. He was a distant relative of one of my aunt's is why we were attending. - E.J.(Strange) von Rice

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